The Ashley Company offers almost an endless variety of shakos. We start with a basic shell shape of either a flat top, scoop top, or slant top. Then you can mix and match a wide array of fabrics and colors, from vinyls and polyesters to wool and wool blends, to make just the right color combination for your marching band uniform. Accent your shako with a large selection of classic emblems or mirrored emblems, which can also be cut to a custom shape. There are many other accessories to top off your shako, such as buttons, chains and chin straps to name a few. Ashley Headwear is sure to have the right shako to top off your band uniform.

Flat Top

The Most Popular Style

Scoop Top

The profile of this shako catches interest due to its two degrees of slope on the top.

Slant Top

A blend of the flat and scoop top, this style has a constant slope profile.