Ashley Headwear offers a complete line of headwear accessories to complement your headwear, from classic and custom designed emblems to your choice of hardware.


To hold your shako or helmet and protect it, this case will fit well. It is made of 100% virgin plastic and features a molded handle and replaceable latches to keep the closure tight. There is ample room for a standard plume to fit as well. It has a built in stackable feature as well legs to stand the case on its end.

Classic Emblems

All emblems are available in both silver and gold color finishes. Be sure to see our plated emblems.

Mirrored Emblems

Our line of mirrored emblems is available in many standard designs. We can also create custom shapes to meet your requirements, from etching to in-lay.

Buttons, Chains, and other Hardware

We offer various hardware options to adorn your Shakos and Helmets.